Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1.  Satori Student Short Film - Hand drawn with stop motion elements. Composited in After Effects
2.  There's only you - Birthday e-card for JibJab Facebook app Adobe Photoshop and After Effects
3.  Pandey ji run cycle - Satori, Character development. Adobe Photoshop
4.  iLodge - Intro video for ilodge.com Adobe Flash and After Effects
5.  TetraPak - Adobe Photoshop and After Effects
6.  bloomrooms - Explainer Video hand drawn animation with stop motion
7.  Survival Guide - Frame be frame animation in Flash
8.  At the Stop - Action Analysis - Pencil test
9.  Oddysea - Animation, background, compositing
10. Satori - student short film

Music: Messabout by Daniel Pemberton (used without permission)